Flooring options for homes with dogs

Flooring options for homes with dogs

Flooring options are numerous if dogs are part of your household; any flooring material will serve you well if you choose the right type.

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If you choose a brand designed for animal-friendly homes, a new carpet will last for decades with proper care.

SmartStrand Forever Clean, manufactured by Mohawk, features a Nanoloc spill and soil shield, which makes it easy to remove pet hair, soil, and dander.


Stone, ceramic, and porcelain tile has an easy-to-clean surface that resists staining, so it's perfect for pet owners. Slate and granite are the best choices if you favor a stone floor or pick stone look porcelain tile. These sturdy materials tolerate the most rambunctious large dogs.

Luxury vinyl

Luxury vinyl new floors, which mimic natural materials, adapt to homeowners' needs, including those with pets. The best plank and tile brands are waterproof and feature thick wear that protects the wood or tile image from scratches and stains.


Laminate, a less costly alternative to luxury vinyl, always has a warm surface because the core is made of fiberboard.

However, pet owners may find that textured brands suit their needs best since they provide extra traction for dog paws. In addition, standard and waterproof brands are available.

Engineered wood

Engineered wood new floors have a surface layer of hardwood and a base layer of plywood. This manufactured wood tolerates moisture and resists scratches.

Choose one of the hardest woods, a style with a tough hardwood finish and a textured surface that hides scratches.

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