Does durable flooring always cost more money?

Does durable flooring always cost more money?

Not at all because durability is usually inherent. It's not a separate add-on.

This is true of all flooring, whether tile and natural stone, carpet, or luxury vinyl. Whatever your new floors, you can be assured of long-lasting beauty.


Some species are harder than others. These include floors like oak, hickory, hard maple, or most exotics, like Brazilian cherry.

Ask the flooring professionals about the Janka Scale if you need extra durability. It's a measurement of wood's ability to withstand wear and dents.


Some fibers are inherently strong, like nylon. Others are non-absorbent, such as polyester, which has superior stain resistance.

Walking into the flooring store, you'll be amazed at all the colors, patterns, styles, and designs. Don't get distracted; however, stay focused on your needs.

Luxury vinyl

All vinyl is strong and waterproof. Luxury vinyl is also layered; anything layered becomes automatically more stable and thicker.

One of those layers is a transparent, strong wear sheet just over the printed design layer. A clear urethane coating at the very top adds extra strength and shine.

Porcelain tile

This is made from a non-absorbent clay called Kaolin which makes it waterproof whether or not it's glazed. The composition also includes sand and glass, making it heavier and denser.


Tell our flooring company experts exactly how you plan to use a product. Each type of laminate flooring has its strength levels; for example, some are suitable for walls only, while others are great for heavily foot-trafficked, busy rooms.

Each type is tested extensively to determine the amount of wear it can withstand. First, ask about the AC Rating.

Your area’s flooring experts

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